Makeup Tricks for Oily Skin

Having an oily skin should not stop you from applying makeup and using products. The important factor is knowing your skin type

TMM Style – The Stunning Ini Dima Okojie

Yet again Ini Dima Okojie is our Celebrity Style Star for today The stunning actress and tv host is our favourite style star this week, whether she’s glammed up for a red carpet event, looking chic for an afternoon out, or breaking fashion boundaries we totally love her ensembles. See some of her gorgeous pictures…

After the Breakup What Next

People break up for different reasons. However, many people are confused after their breakup on what step to take next, while others claim to know what’s coming. Do they really know what’s coming, or are they bluffing? My Opinion – I feel in the quest to move on quickly a lot of people don’t grieve properly,…

Ashake’s Diary 8 – Girl Like Toks

I sat in the bathroom and cried in frustration, why me! Ify came into the bathroom under the guise that she wanted to help me out, then proceeded to tell me how and why she did it.