6 Simple Tricks To Avoid Dry Lips

Dry air during harmattan  (both inside and outside) is a major cause for dry skin and chapped lips. However, getting addicted to lip balm isn’t the best idea, so we’ve looked into tricks and products that will keep your lips in the best shape possible:

1. NO LICKING. Don’t lick your lips. They may feel moisturised for a few seconds but you’re only making them worse. Your saliva ends up accelerating the dryness. 

2. EXFOLIATE. Give your lips a peeling once a week. Brown sugar and olive oil is an amazing mix that gives great results.

3. LIP MASK. Follow up the exfoliating session with a lip mask or treatment instead of just a regular balm.

4. OLIVE OIL. Don’t have any lip balm around? Use olive oil! 

5. NATURAL OILS & VITAMIN E. Avoid lip balms (your lips will get addicted) and try to find lip products that are made of natural oils. Check if Vitamin-E in the ingredient list since it is a great means to protect yourself from free radicals and get a boost of antioxidants.

6. NOURISHING MAKEUP. If you’re using a lipstick, pick a nourishing alternative!  
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