Sitting on the Fence – Staying in Touch with your Ex

Lately, I’ve been hearing stories about exes staying in touch , and faking friendship all in the name of not letting go. Blaming it on the fear of moving on , and starting over. 
Well, I have bad news and good news. 

Good: Staying in touch makes it easier for you guys to enjoy perks of being in a relationship without actually being in one. And it’s eases the pain of letting go and moving on. It’s really nothing personal . 

Bad: You both can never move on , finding another partner will become harder, you will lose so many potentials in the long run. One of you will fall in love with another individual and eventually break the heart of the other. 
So is it really worth it ? Sitting on the fence, and prolonging a needed heartbreak. Living in self denial that will only lead to depression. I think not, it’s better to move on and accept fate, not all relationships are meant to work out. 

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