TMM Style – Agatha Ashiofu of Ironyofashi

Everyone needs style inspiration from time to time and Agatha Ashiofu of @ironyofashi is one fashion blogger and style enthusiast that anyone would love to get inspiration from.  She is an awesome fashionista and her style game is top notch.

She is a Nigerian fashion brand and digital influencer, this she combines with her day job as a revenue accountant in the Oil and Gas industry. She lives in Houston, Texas. She evidently loves fashion and does not hold back when showcasing her versatile style. She loves her skirts and dresses, but is always open to switch things up with pants or denim.

My fave thing about her is how she dresses her body in the most sophisticated yet figure flattering way. She is a beautiful woman and never fails to let her outfits speak for her. She can pull off the simplest outfit and make it seem way more. She wears both affordable and expensive pieces and we just love her ability to combine the two.

She has partnered with so many fashion brands in the past like Virgos Lounge,Modcloth, Maggy London, and Marciano among others.  Why don’t we see some of her amazing pictures below:



Thanks for reading.


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