7 Fashion Items You’ll Regret Tossing

Have you ever heard your mother lament that she wishes she hadn’t gotten rid of a “trendy” piece in the past, upon seeing you wear the trend in the present day? (Probably on multiple occasions, right?) As you know, history repeats itself, especially when it comes to fashion. These days, it seems that every year brings with it a new decade to revive. For example, last year’s ’90s craze is currently making way for this year’s ’80s resurgence.When editing your wardrobe each season, it can be tempting to purge it of “trendy” pieces that you may be tired of wearing or that may not feel as fresh as they did last year. But history has ultimately shown that the most significant trends will likely return.


Off-the-shoulder tops can be dated back to the Victorian era where they were usually paired with frills, lace, and hooped hems. Recently, there have been some really exciting versions of this style, particularly in reworked button-down shirting.


We are finally seeing the comeback of the ’90s slip dress. This trend is regarded as new, compared to the rest of this list, it has less history. This outfit is easy to pair using a wide range of outfit formulas, so there is still much to do with this piece, it is advisable to hold unto yours for the next couple of years.


“Originally made popular by Levi’s, this trend has made an appearance in every decade from Marilyn Monroe and an early Winona Ryder to Rihanna. Their high-waisted nature is so flattering on the bum—they are the ultra ‘cool-girl’ staple.


Platform shoes were originally established in the ’40s but really didn’t become popularized until the ’70s. They are such a fun way to play with height without the pain of a stiletto.


Sheer is another trend I don’t believe our fashion history has completely flushed out. While the 1993 photographs of Kate Moss in a sheer slip dress will never be forgotten, recently it seems the industry has gotten really creative in its uses of the fabric, from strategically placed mesh inserts in athleisure to sheer red carpet dresses with embellishment.

Zara Embroidered Tulle Overlay Dress


There has always been a version of the statement earring trend throughout history, and there always will be. A great example of this revival is the major ’60s-era icon, Twiggy. Costume or fine, statement earrings are the only piece of jewelry you need right now.


Introduced in the ’40s, this is when women were getting really fearless in straying from dress and skirt pieces and wearing something that was actually comfortable! I’m always on board with a trend that has such an empowering history.

Thanks for reading.

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