Getting Back With Your Ex: Yay or Nay ?

 Although breakups are sometimes mutual, there are two primary reasons why relationships fall apart: either he goes or she goes.
If he decides to leave, he is in the driver’s seat, he has very specific reasons why he wants to get out of this thing and move on with his life, and it’s doubtful that he’d ever consider taking her back.

But if she decides to bolt, it’s a totally different story. She can leave him a bewildered emotional wreck, crying in his beer and wondering just what the hell happened.


Many people who try and get back with their ex-partners do so while they are still in a state of emotional turmoil and may not have given themselves a fair opportunity to clarify in their own minds what it is that they really want and whether their ex-partner may be wanting the same thing.   After all, break-ups occur for a reason (or reasons).   If the causes of the break-up are still present and raw for either one or both partners then you could very well be wasting your time (and that of your ex-partner’s) in attempting a reconciliation.

So before you leap without looking, it’s wise to take a breath, examine the reasons your relationship fell apart, and ask yourself, “Do I really want to take her/him back?” Take the time to examine your own motives. Why would you want to take her/him back? Do you truly care for her/him? Or is it because you’re lonely, or afraid you’ll never meet anybody else?

This brings us back to the issue at hand, is it right to get back with your ex?

Thanks for reading.

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