Melania Trump Releases First Official White House Portrait

The former professional model is pictured wearing a black blazer and a sequin neckerchief.

The first official portrait of the first lady of the United States, Melania Trump, has been released.

Trump was photographed in the White House wearing a black blazer, a sequined neckerchief and two rings while standing. It will be recalled, that the past first ladies all sat for their official photographs. I wonder what Melania is trying to prove, but she does look gorgeous.

melania trump

It is not currently known who shot the image of the 46-year-old FLOTUS, though the official White House photographer is Shealah Craighead. Craighead preceded her time with the Trump administration as the official photographer for first lady Laura Bush, and she also served as the campaign photographer for Sarah Palin in 2008.

FLOTUS’ official photograph comes well after the January release of President Donald Trump’s official photograph.

See pictures of the former first ladies of the white house below.

Michelle Obama, 2013:

Laura Bush, 2005:

 Hillary Clinton, 1997:

Hillary Clinton, 1997:

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