One Social Media Post From Beyoncé Is Worth Over $1 Million

All hail Queen Bey!

Selena Gomez may be the most followed account on instagram, but she’s not the most influential celebrity on the platform. According to D’Marie Analytics, Beyoncé is extremely influential. One post from Queen Bey across her social media platforms is worth over $1 million. She is the first and only influencer to cross that million-dollar value line. (Selena Gomez, on the other hand, is worth a hefty $775,000 per post across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.)

beyonceThe company measures a person’s post value with an algorithm that uses 56+ metrics across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Metrics include follower count, post reach, post engagement, and post click-through rate.

D’Marie notes Bey got a nice spike after her pregnancy Instagram post (it quickly became the most liked post on Instagram, dethroning Selena Gomez’s).

Instagram’s most liked post, now with over 10.8 million likes

Since January 1, Bey gains an average of 98,077 new followers a day across all her social platforms. Casual.

That’s so casual.


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