4 Easy Steps to Get your Eyebrows looking Great


Have you ever looked at someone’s eyebrows and thought what the hell was this lady thinking? Makeup mistakes do happen but let’s be honest the concealer method which has been used by celebrated makeup artists for years is a dangerous move for anyone who doesn’t know the trick. It’s weird how almost everyone you see has an idea of defined brows, but not everyone gets it right.

Blend, Blend, Blend!

A lot of people don’t believe in blending till the concealer or foundation becomes one with your skin. In order to avoid the horrid looking concealer map around your brows, this step is really important. 

Use a concealer that matches your skin tone: 

The one problems I have noticed is women using the wrong concealer shade. Don’t go too light, always chose a concealer a shade lighter than your usual tone to give your brows dimension. Using a shade that is too light usually looks a hot mess and will only stick out like a sore thumb.

Use the right shade of eyebrow pencil:

 The idea around the concealer technique is to create a natural looking brows. Chose a pencil one or shades lighter than your natural hair colour and if your hair is lighter always go for one or two shades darker than your hair colour.

The days of using black pencil to draw in eyebrows are GONE! 

Another suggestion would be to try matte eye shadow if you have problem finding the right colour. TIP: Mix a tiny drop of water with your brown eye shadow to create a paste then apply using a small angled brush.

Go easy

My advice would be to build up your desired look with concealer and brow pencil to ensure you don’t overdo it.

Finished look: 

Finish your brows off with a spooly (mascara applicator). This is done after you’ve applied your eyebrow pencil and concealer to smooth out any harsh lines. Your completed look will look flawless and natural.
Thanks for reading.

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