As more and more different types of beauty blogs come into the mainstream, We can’t help but adore the diversity that is being spread through makeup and skin tips for people who don’t adhere to the unrealistic nature of Western beauty standards. Muslim fashion bloggers are rarely seen in the mainstream media, but their style can reach far beyond colonialist perceptions of Islamic dress. The world of Muslim beauty is far larger than we’re often led to believe.

Without further ado, here are some of our favourite Muslim beauty bloggers to follow.


1. Sabina Hannan

This 21-year-old’s makeup is next to none and her brows are on the next level. On her YouTube channel, you can watch just how she fills and sculpts her bold arches, and flawlessly sculpts her face.



2. Shahd Batal

Shahd just recently started covering her head, and she’s been incredibly open about that decision on social media. Also? She knows how to make her cheekbones radiate all the light. Her youthful and chic pictures make it fun to follow her.



3. Amena

Between running a scarf company and business, Amena still somehow finds the time to post beauty tutorials and informative makeup reviews on YouTube. She is extremely pretty and fun to follow.




4. Tamanna Roashan

Better known as Dress Your Face to her 2.5 million Instagram followers, Tamanna is kinda like the Muslim Mario Dedivanovic. She, too, is known for master classes and contouring. (No Kim Kardashian connection, though—yet.).




5. Habiba Da Silva

Back in October, we told you about Habiba’s collection of hijabs for diverse skin tones, but did you know she’s also a beauty vlogger? Her YouTube videos are packed with major glow inspo.

Habiba Da Silva



6. Yasmine Simone

Yasmine is the queen of the cut crease, her artistic skills are amazing. She knows how to take stunning pictures in an effortlessly calm manner that will make you fall in love with her instantly.

Yasmine Simone



7. Osob

Okay, Osob’s glittery mini beauty tutorials are so good. We can watch them over and over again.





8. Chinutay A.

Chinutay posts simple how-to beauty tutorials on her YouTube channel. We’re obsessed with her natural look and the luxe chiffon scarf, Chinutay & Co., that she just launched.

Chinutay A.


Thanks for reading.


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