Kim Kardashian Is Launching a Makeup Line


Apparently, Kylie Jenner wouldn’t be the only Kardashian with a makeup line, her big sister Kim Kardashian is launching a beauty brand. Kim Kardashian shared this information on her Instagram. Kim has already collaborated with Kylie on makeup, but this time, she will be breaking out on her own.

So far what we the fans know is  

  • The brand will be called KKW beauty
  • The Instagram handle is @kkwbeauty.
  • You’ll be able to shop at, where you can sign up to get notifications now.
  • The collection launches on June 21, 2017.


What we can predict is 

  • The line will be sold out on the first day (lol!)
  • The brand will be inspired by Kim’s classic look: bold eyebrows, contoured cheeks, and a nude lip.
  • It will be good! Kim is a makeup genius and has inspired countless trends. We can’t imagine her not being hands-on and creating products her fans will love.

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