This write-up by Badejoko Momoh is so genuine and heartfelt, and I literally “awwed” while reading it. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. 


dream man

We had so many good times, is it the way we would listen to your favorite love song over and over again at night till we fall asleep or the way you hug and carry me each time we see or the way you bought me so many teddy bears so I would always think about you when we weren’t together and I wouldn’t forget how you got me cake every week those first few months because you wanted to celebrate every week of our love or the way you called me bunny because of my big ears.

Loving you was the best thing that happened to me, not because you were my first love but because you taught me things I would never have learnt from anyone else. You taught me how to love beyond imperfections; you are the most flawed person I know and I loved you still, I loved you through your mood swings, I loved you even when you called the names of other women while sleeping, and I still loved you when you slapped me that one time in the presence of your friend.

You taught me patience; Do you remember those nights when you would come home drunk and I would still pour you another drink and listen to you point out all the things you don’t like about me and I wouldn’t say a word? I was actually waiting for the sleeping pills I put in your drink to take effect. I came to realize I loved you better when you were asleep.

Another thing you taught me was how to forgive; I always forgave you for the things you say and do to me when you are not in your loving state. Remember when you transferred money from my bank account telling me you borrowed it to fix your car? I didn’t even get angry, neither did I have the nerve to ask you for it back.

The most important lesson I learnt from you was how important it was for me to love myself if I did then, I probably would have left you earlier but thanks to Ajoke who gave me that book on self-love. The first thing I realized was living with you without being your wife was wrong and even though it took me several weeks to stop missing you and crying myself to sleep, I am proud to say I no longer love you and I am gradually learning to love myself.


Badejoko Momoh




  1. This is so genuine, I’m glad i clicked the link. This simply mirrors how my boyfriend of 6 years treated me, it took the grace of God for me to break off the relationship. Every girl needs to learn self-love, it’s mandatory. thumbs up to the writer.

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