Ashake’s Diary 1 – Trouble with Miss Ade

”DARN! I so can’t believe I am late again, wasn’t my alarm meant to go off at 6 am”, I thought.

ASHAKE, COME DOWN” my mum screamed.
What the hell am I going to tell my teacher went wrong today? I pulled on some clothes and rushed downstairs, no time to bath, jumped into the car, and off to school, I went.

I got to class and my teacher was nowhere to be found. My day was just great. As I was about to bask in her absence, Miss Ade, my most hated teacher (because I hated so many teachers), walked in. She announced to us that she would be our teacher for the day. ‘WTH’ I almost screamed.

As usual Miss Ade released her ‘heart-broken for-no-reason fury’ on us; like it was our fault she was still single at 30. Hating on the boys and trying to make us, girls, feminists. As usual, we all ignored her attacks and kept our mouths shut.

“ASHAKE’’ Miss Ade suddenly called out, “what was the last thing I said?” I just stood up and stared at her blankly. ”You stupid girl, you are the type of girl guys would use and dump at will.”  I sincerely didn’t know where all my courage came from to reply her saying ”oh!! Is that why you are still single?.” All my classmates gasped, I knew I was in for it.

7 thoughts on “Ashake’s Diary 1 – Trouble with Miss Ade

  1. Miss Ade reminds me of my English teacher from high school….. I had more than one so don’t nobody try to guess who 😑


  2. What happened after you said all that to your teacher, was u kicked outta school ?. These are some of the questions we will need answers to Aunty Ashake


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