Ashake’s Diary 2 – Operation Break Simi and DJ Up

So I got into a lot of trouble with Miss Ade last week. I was smart enough not to cross her path over the past few days. But that was by far the least of my problems. DJ (Deji) my crush for the past two months just asked Simi, my classmate to be his girlfriend ” like hell, if I let this happen.” My aim presently was to break them up. All I needed was the perfect plan.

I mean, I surely am attractive, so I’ve been told. Simi was short and chubby, far from cute. She had nothing on me. My plan A was to kill Simi and hide her body (He he !! Dumb). Plan b was to turn the two of them against each other, this by far was a better plan.

So the next day I went to school with high hopes, my plan was in motion. I borrowed Simi’s phone from her locker that morning for a few minutes when she left class and texted DJ, saying that ” I (not Simi) didn’t think anything could work out between us.” DJ obviously walked into class that morning looking distraught, and as a nice girl, I gave him a shoulder to cry on.


In case you missed.

Ashake’s Diary 1 – Trouble With Miss Ade


DJ poured his heart out, (obviously thinking I cared), I simply told him to forget her, and move on. Simi entered the class looking confused. She tried to talk to DJ, but he walked out on her. Lucky for us, our teacher turned in sick again, so we were free that morning. Simi came to me as well, asking for advice; I obviously told her point blank, that DJ did not like her, telling her I was sure he was out to use her. Simi took my word for it and accepted fate.

Unfortunately for me, Ify (Amebo of the class) saw me take Simi’s phone that morning (I still don’t know how). All I know is that the whole class had a field day calling me names. And I had to endure Simi and DJ throwing angry stares at me all day. I left class immediately I heard the sound of the closing bell.

When I got home, my lousy sister, Toks (Tokunbo) who heard my escapade in school didn’t waste any time telling everyone at home. I had to endure a long talk from my mum and dad about life and the choices we make. After that, I made up my mind never to play smart. DJ wasn’t my only crush anyway. I still had Steven (a senior in my school). With a smile on my face, I knew Plan C was in motion.


Yejide Erogbogbo



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