“Damn You White Soup” by Badejoko Momoh

I have always wanted to marry an Igbo business man regardless of cultural differences and what my family would say. In fact, I was ready to elope as soon as the right man appeared, “yes I was that determined.” So imagine how I felt when the realization that I might not be able to marry one was suddenly dumped on me. I know you are confused so I will start from the very beginning.

Asides from wanting to marry an Igbo man, I have always been a foodie, my love for food is next to none and the only meal I could say no to are slimy looking meals. I pride myself on being able to eat anything delicious.

So last night, my beautiful sister was kind and thoughtful enough to buy me food from a popular restaurant in Lagos, the aroma swept past my nostrils as I opened it and my mouth water began to water. Then she told me it was pounded yam and white soup which is an Igbo soup and the restaurant she bought it from makes one of the best in Lagos. Because I had not had pounded yam (not poundo yam) in a long time and with a soup from my future husband’s tribe, I immediately dug In.

I will never forget the taste of that soup, the beef, mushrooms amidst others and I must say white soup is one soup I would never willingly taste again. My sister not knowing the mental battle I was fighting ( I had to keep eating for fear of her not buying food for me again) started telling me about how this is one of the favourite soups of the Igbos and she went on to tell me how it was prepared. I wasn’t really listening but as soon as I heard yam, I made my choice. Never again!

Now my dilemma; will my Igbo husband mind that I can’t stand white soup, not to talk of cooking it? Will he still shower me with care and affection or put me in charge of all his business ventures if he realizes I won’t kiss him on the days he eats white soup? This is my current dilemma.

Damn you white soup, now there is something I don’t eat.


By Badejoko Momoh

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