Ashake’s Diary 3 – Most Embarrassing School Day

FRIDAY! My best day of the week was finally here. I felt ecstatic as I went to school that morning. The weekend was around the corner, I had my mini holiday planned out, movies all weekend (pirated movies, unfortunately) and nothing else. It came to me as no surprise when I met a rowdy class. My teacher Miss Bamire claimed she had a headache (as usual), so Miss Are (an annoying substitute teacher) was replacing her.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t expect Ify (class Amebo) to be in the mood to practice her trade this morning, with me as her main victim. I sincerely don’t know how Ify got an embarrassing picture of me when I was little (probably from my sister, TOKS!!!!). All I know is that she was passing it around class, and everyone was laughing.

She then went on to tell the class stupid stories about me, all in my presence (the nerve!!!!!). She was obviously good because she got the whole class laughing. I sat there on my seat boiling in anger. ‘’how dare she?’’ I thought.


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Suddenly I stood up in anger, and charged towards Ify, giving her a nasty slap across the face; little did I know that I was in for it. Ify was not soft at all. She pulled me by my hair (short hair. He he!), to the front of the class, and started her torture by first serving me four dirty slaps. Then she proceeded to punch, kick, and bite me.

My annoying classmates cheered her on, as she used my face to clean the board, even Miss Are stood there and watched in fascination as I was been ridiculed ( I’m sure she wished she was the one doing it to me).

After Ify was through showing me who was the boss, she continued laughing with my class mates and telling them even more embarrassing stories of me. As I sat there thinking about my life, staring at Ify ( who I had killed in my mind a thousand times), I thought of my tarnished reputation, and at that moment I knew I had nothing to lose. So I walked up to Ify, slapped her again while screaming in her face “DO YOUR WORST” at the top of my voice.

Well!! I think you know what happened next.

I was beaten black and blue. I stood up with the little strength I could muster, picked up my bag and took a painful stroll back home, distance didn’t even matter at this point. Toks had a field day telling everyone at home what happened, she exaggerated of course. Thinking about it, I don’t think she did at all.


Erogbogbo Yejide

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