Between Love and Forgiveness by David Imogie


Over the years I have come to the conclusion that a lot of people know the word Love, but have no clue as to the true meaning of love. My friend Sheila asked me the other day, “Is it possible to love someone and then find it difficult to forgive them?”

 This simple question got me thinking about a lot of things. How can you love someone and not forgive them when they hurt you? Even though whatever the person did to you is “unforgivable” from any rational point of view, is the emotional turmoil really worth it in the end?

Most religions preach love and forgiveness, (well mine does), but how many people actually follow these teachings. I know it sounds cool to think someone should pay for every wrong they have done, well, you are right, but I’m sure you prefer peace of mind over any trouble, and that can be achieved only through forgiveness.

If you love someone, there is really nothing to forgive, it is all boundless, there are no rules or apologies. We must learn to forgive to be able to love the right way. On the other hand, we claim forgiveness when in reality we haven’t really forgotten, and at intervals we use the wrong doing to mock our partners. This isn’t forgiveness and this also never really ends well most times.

I remember a friend telling me “forgiveness is a virtue of only the brave.” Thinking about it now, I feel like a brave person breaking into a sphere only few people make conscious effort to access and then go ahead to subdue.

Our relationships would be better if we love and forgive relentlessly.

Afterthought: if you paid close attention you’d notice the frequent occurrence of ‘WE’ , no one is perfect, we all strive.


David Imogie

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