Girl Power: Top 5 Female Nigerian Fashion Designers 

This is a listicle I wrote for the Paris-Shanghai Fashion Blog. Let’s take a little trip down memory lane. My main interest has always been fashion in its broad sense, but this article and a few others I’ve written after opened my eyes to the multifaceted and super talented individuals in the Nigerian fashion industry. I realised that at the pace the industry is going, Lagos will soon be a renowned fashion city that can compete on any level with other fashion cities in the world.

Please read and enjoy!

IFA Fashion Blog

Over the years, the Nigerian fashion scene has witnessed a great transformation with the industry gradually outgrowing its borders and becoming visible internationally. Some designers have been able to distinguish themselves from the pack and have contributed their creative quota to the emerging industry. Few have assumed the role of mentors to up and coming designers, while some have managed to be synonymous with the Nigerian fashion industry. Below are our top five female Nigerian designers who are on this list not only because they are women but due to their positive impact on the industry.

1. Designer: Deola Sagoe

Age: 51

Brand: The House of Deola Sagoe

Deola Sagoe © Times Live

Deola Sagoe is one of the pioneers in the Nigerian fashion scene, and she has had the privilege of showcasing her collections on famed catwalks at fashion weeks in New York and Milan. The Haute Couture designer…

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