Ashake’s Diary 4 – Most Embarrassing School Day II

So after the beating, I got from Ify, I made it a point of duty not to cross her part the next week. I mean I had a black eye, some swellings on my face, and I figured if I still wanted my teeth complete, I should avoid her.
We were all in class that morning when Mrs Obi (arts and performance teacher), walked in to announce that the audition for the school’s Talent Show was going to be held that afternoon.

As I sat, I thought of all the possible things I could not do, which was to sing (I’m a terrible singer), dance (let’s not even go there), or play an instrument (obviously not). All I could do was talk, cause trouble, break relationships up, and let’s not forget get beaten up. So I made up my mind there, to simply ruin whatever Ify had planned, that was easier.

I sneaked into the school hall where the audition was taking place, with a can of oil which I stole from the school kitchen. Reliable sources had told me that Ify was going to dance, and she was the first on the list, so all I had to do was search for the shoes that Ify was to use to dance, paint the sole with oil, and drizzle a bit on stage, so that she would fall and embarrass herself.

I quickly made my way backstage with my can, and got to work; after I was through I smiled and left. Ify as usual, strolled in from the bathroom where she went to change, talking. She was called to the stage when she got there; she had the confidence of a peacock.

She began her routine with so much enthusiasm, however, when she got to the part of the stage where I had poured oil; she slipped and fell on her butt. I guess I over did it when I laughed out because everyone turned to stare at me. I also didn’t know that I didn’t close my can after using it, so as I was walking out of the hall the oil was dripping behind me. And Mrs Obi saw it and called me, as I turned to answer her; I slipped and fell flat on my swollen face (The Irony).

I got caught (again) for my lack of intelligence, was punished, and made to apologise to Ify in front of the whole school. That day, I suddenly knew what it meant to have a taste of my own medicine, and I didn’t like it.


Erogbogbo Yejide

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