Ashake’s Diary 5 – Triumph Over Ify

It took the whole school a month to stop talking about my fight with Ify (more like the beating Ify gave me); even my mother could not stop laughing at me. I walked into class sober this morning, ready for the day ahead. I had not even settled in when Miss Bamire (My class teacher) walked into class and announced that we were having a test. “TEST!!” I screamed in my mind, I had not even read anything, in fact, I didn’t know anything except for the topic we were taught last week (when I say topic, I mean only the topic, not what it entailed).

We cleared our books away and sat still for the test, when I looked around, everyone looked relaxed except me. I was still trying to calm down when Miss Bamire suddenly added that, the test would be marked in class, and everyone’s score would be announced to the class, starting from the lowest.

Miss Bamire distributed the question sheets, we had five questions to answer, all “fill in the gap.” As I looked at the first question I began sweating, my whole life practically flashed before my eyes, I was utterly clueless. So as to avoid any embarrassment, I calmly stretched my neck for some answers in my classmate’s script, luckily for me, a few answers flew in the air (God bless my classmates) as well. After fifteen minutes, Miss Bamire collected our scripts.

I sat on my seat calmly, as Miss Bamire marked all our scripts; I knew I had nothing to anticipate, except failure. Miss Bamire stood up and announced with a smile on her face, “the student who scored the lowest in this test is (I stood up already) IFY OKONKWO ‘’ I jumped up screaming with joy (to the dismay of the class), yes! That served her right. “SIT DOWN ASHAKE” Miss Bamire said with a frown on her face.

I smiled at Ify who was throwing daggers at me with her eyes; I obviously knew I was going to leave class before everyone (for my own protection). Miss Bamire announced that I was the third highest in class (I was shocked).  I guess this was just my day. As soon as I heard the closing bell, I ran out before Ify even packed her books (I was still under treatment from the last beating).


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