Ashake’s Diary 6 – Fight Over Steven

ASHAKE!!!! My mum screamed. I was late yet again to school. I jumped out of bed and threw on some clothes, and off to school, I went. I had obviously not had my bath; I was probably looking dishevelled, in fact, that was my worst look to school. I rushed into school, running to my class in panic, just then I bumped into someone.
I looked up to see who I had bumped into; it was Steven (the senior in my school I had a crush on). ‘‘NOT TODAY, NOT IN THIS STATE’’, I screamed in my head, I ran off to class without even saying sorry, ‘‘after all he wouldn’t recognize me’’ I thought.

However, all the girls in class gathered during lunch break to gossip as usual, and I overheard Ify telling them that she had her eyes on a senior named Steven. ‘‘WHAT’’ I panicked, my evil mind crept out yet again. I had to think of a plan if not Ify was going to get Steven. My day was just great, I wondered how different my life would be if Ify didn’t exist.

The next day I got to school, and guess who was waiting for me in front of the school gate, ‘’STEVEN’’, ‘’this was going to be so easy’’. I thought. I walked up to him in a self- assured manner, and waved at him, he waved back, but it wasn’t at me I realized, instead it was at someone behind me. I turned in surprise, and saw Ify, ‘O YES’! Ify waving and smiling back like a frigging Barbie.

I walked into class that morning, downcast, dejected, basically, any word you could think of. I could not believe in my wildest imaginations that Steven could be interested in Ify. She might be light skinned but that gave her no right to be worthy of Steven’s affections. I had to act fast, and time wasn’t on my side.

I plastered a fake smile on my face and asked a few of my classmates about Ify and Steven. From their disorganized blabber,  I found out Steven had not asked Ify to be his girl friend yet. Perfect ! I had until the end the day to think of a plan, and I was determined.

After our morning class with boring Miss Ade, I saw Ify scribble something into her diary. Curiosity got the best of me, and I patiently waited till she went to the bathroom, I stole her diary and read through as fast as I could. As I already suspected, She wrote about Steven and how she couldn’t wait for him to ask her to be his girlfriend so they could have their first kiss, “slut”.

During our lunch break, Steven and Ify ate together and kept on throwing yucky glances at each other. I knew this because I  kept following them closely at a safe distance, like the crazy person I am. Steven asked her to be his girlfriend, using a silly card he made for her. You really don’t need to know how I got to read the contents of the card. I couldn’t believe it, I was livid.

My plan was simple, drastic but still simple. From my creepy investigations, I found out they planned on meeting behind the school cafeteria, to have their first kiss.

“Who kisses her less than 24 hours boyfriend ? “. This wasn’t going to happen on my watch.

So I went to the principal’s office, yes, principal’s office, I could not risk any teacher forgiving them, or giving them a second chance. I had to ruin everything once and for all. I told the principal everything I heard, acting like I was worried that Steven might take advantage of Ify , the “amebo” woman took my word for it. She even sympathized with me and said I was a good friend.

After school, Ify and Steven went to their “hidden” spot, and the Principal signalled for three teachers to follow her. They caught them just as they were about to lock their lips in an over-rated fashion. The look on Ify’s face was priceless, and at that moment everything I had suffered in Ify’s hands and all the trouble I had been gotten into because of her was worth it. She definitely knew I was the snitch, but I didn’t care. If I couldn’t have Steven, neither could she.

Ify and Steven got into so much trouble, both in school and at home. And for that school year, I was labelled a snitch, but I really didn’t care, I got what I wanted and that was enough for me.



Yejide Erogbogbo

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