Ashake’s Diary 7 – Ify’s Diary


“Why can’t you ever do anything right, you’re not better than your father ” screamed Ify’s mother, “I wasn’t the one attracted to him ” Ify retorted, this earned her a slap.**

** For many years, I wondered why my mum hated me so much, then I realized that it wasn’t me she hated, but herself. My dad was married and he cheated on his wife with my mum, and my mum wasn’t over the fact that he didn’t want her again. I really don’t blame him, my mum was wrong for trying to break his home. Everything still hurt, even with this conclusion, but I have always tried to block it out by getting myself involved in school and hanging out with my friends.

When I met Steven, he was everything to me, always listened to me, and he never failed to compliment me. I couldn’t wait for him to be my first kiss, even though we weren’t dating yet, I was anxious.

You can imagine my joy this afternoon at lunch when he asked me to be his girlfriend with a cute handwritten note. I screamed with joy, at that moment I guess he was all I wanted. We planned to have our first kiss as soon as possible. My sweet Steven found a romantic spot in school for us to kiss later in the day, our plan was in motion. Finally, my dreams were going to come true, which was rare.

I daydreamed till school closed for the day, I was just so excited, I couldn’t believe I was finally going to kiss Steven. I ran out of class after the closing bell to meet Steven, and we proceeded to our “Spot”. Steven was a dream, He gave me another card to celebrate our impending kiss, then we proceeded to get it over with.

“What Rubbish, not in my school ” I turned to see the principal and some teachers glaring at Steven and me, I was shocked. How did they find us? My question was answered quickly as I saw my ‘nemesis’ Ashake. I was dumbfounded. This girl must really hate me. Well, I have beaten her up in the past,  but she wasn’t the only one. This was just too low. The “snake” was actually happy, I made up my mind to deal with her. When I saw how much trouble I was getting into my love for Steven suddenly became non-existent. He wasn’t worth all this trouble, I resented him so much at that moment.

I kept thinking to myself how much Ashake was going to pay for this, I didn’t  know how or when, but she would. While my mother screamed at me at home, I zoned out and began to plot my next move. I would hit back when she least expects!


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