Wumi ‘Tuase Covers November Issue of The Mode Mistress


Say hello to our Mode Mistress for the month of November, Wumi Oguntuase, a fashion blogger, personal stylist and fashion entrepreneur. The talented style star in July 2016, launched her online store, The Thrift StoreNG where woke fashion lovers shop classic thrifted pieces at affordable rates. With an impressive Instagram following and a sleek and polished wardrobe to boot, we couldn’t wait to get a glimpse into some parts of her life. From fav designers to life as a blogger, we asked Wumi everything about fashion, business and more.


Get to know Wumi by checking out how she answered our quick-fire questions below.

    1      The first thing I do in the morning is…  pray. I actually try not to miss my quiet time with God.

    2      I would never leave home without… my sunglasses. My eyes are very sensitive so I try to protect them even though I don’t (won’t) use medicated glasses.

    3      My staple clothing item is…  a jacket. Either kimono, denim jacket, blazer or waterfall jacket. I always just have to add something to my outfit.

    4      The one thing I’ll let myself splurge on is… good food (it’s funny because I don’t eat a lot) but for the sake of fashion, definitely shoes.

    5      If I had to describe my personal style in one word it would be… Relatable.

    6      The best thing about Nigerian labels …

Flexibility and Versatility. I’m loving how we’re breaking fashion barriers across the globe and not limiting ourselves to Africa or African styles alone. Nigerian labels have blown and they’re taking Nigeria to the world proudly!

    7      My favourite designers are…  Micheal Kors, Deola Sagoe, Vera Wang & Adidas

   8      When it comes to fashion blogging, people don’t realize…  it’s not just about taking pretty pictures and getting free stuff. It takes a lot of hard work if you’re passionate about it. You need to put in work to get people interested in your style & blog, put in work to retain the said interest and also influence people. So it’s not just about “oh she’s pretty and wears nice stuff, that’s why” No, it doesn’t work that way.

   9      My guilty pleasure is…  window shopping online. I’d literally put everything in my cart then close the tab, it’s crazy but I love it.


10    The most exciting person I’ve ever met was… Maybe when I meet Omari Hardwick, Micheal Ealy or Keke Palmer, then I’d come back. LOL.

   11    One person, I’d love to meet would have to be… Kim Kardashian. I’m fascinated with how she keeps slaying and making her money above all the hate. I need to learn some business tips from her (no shady nudity courses though).

   12    Something people don’t know about me is…  I have a really reserved side. I’m an extrovert but for some years now, I’ve been discovering the part of me that likes to be alone and in my own little world.  I’m still the “Hey let’s turn up everyday” girl but that side of me is in existence too.

   13    The last thing I googled was…  “Celine trapeze mini bag”. See my online window shopping?

  14    The hardest thing about being in the spotlight is…  getting over negative feedback. People can be so rash and uncultured and I’m usually one to give a smart-ass reply when people come at me but I now have to remind myself that I’m building a brand and can’t let everything get to me.


   15   The best thing about being in the spotlight is…  getting recognized. It encourages me to do more and be more. I mean I’m not even a top blogger yet but I get messages from ladies who are being influenced by my style, bloggers who have been inspired by me to start their own blogs or just people wanting style tips when they meet me. It’s the little things that mean a lot to me and that’s the best part for me.

   16    I stay in shape by… doing 50 squats and 100 sit-ups! daily

  17    My beauty essentials include…  Cussons baby wipes for my face, Primer, Foundation (I currently use Glam Girl), Powder (I use Milani) and Lipstick (Current fave is Kylie True Brown)

    18    My favourite place to travel is…  Maldives!

   19    The best thing about being a fashion blogger is…  getting to do what I love and making an impact with it no matter how little. I love to play dress up, mix and match and just look good, the type of good that makes people take an interest in what I’m wearing so achieving that is the best thing. Oh, and of course getting promotional items because let’s face it, how many pieces can I afford to buy all by myself? LOL!

    20    One thing I’ve never done but would love to do is…  go on a world tour with the love of my life, most preferably before I get married.

    21       The greatest life advice I’ve ever received was…  from my mum and she told me “You only know what’s in your heart, don’t be fooled by what people say or do, you never know what’s in their heart”. It’s quite funny because I never used to listen to her but I’ve had to accept after so many events that she was right. Mothers are always right.

Follow Wumi on social media 

Instagram – @wumituase

Blog – http://www.wumituase.com


Photography by Moyo Oshibamowo (@awgzz)

Makeup by Gbemi Sowunmi (@makeupbygbemi)

Creative Direction – Yejide Erogbogbo (The Mode Mistress)

Watch the BTS Video below

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