Ashake’s Diary 7 – Ify’s Diary

IFY “Why can’t you ever do anything right, you’re not better than your father ” screamed Ify’s mother, “I wasn’t the one attracted to him ” Ify retorted, this earned her a slap.** ** For many years, I wondered why my mum hated me so much, then I realized that it wasn’t me she hated,…

What Shoes To Wear With Flared Pants

You may love your cigarette coupes, but you are definitely going to cave in and buy the flared pieces sometime during this year and you will not regret it for a second

Dead but not Gone (Based on a True Story) by David Imogie

I woke up to the very annoying ringtone of my “palasa“ Nokia phone. I didn’t know how long I had been gone, “David!!! How far? you hear sey MJ don die?” It was Ifeanyi at the other end, “Who be MJ?”, I asked, apparently shaken, “Michael Jackson” he responded. I shook my head and hung up….

[Video] – Avoid Common Makeup Mistakes with Ellarie

The super talented makeup artist and vlogger shared some of her tips on how to avoid many makeup mistakes. The entertaining video is both educative and informative and a great guide for many novices in the beauty industry. Watch and enjoy!

Ashake’s Diary 4 – Most Embarrassing School Day II

So after the beating, I got from Ify, I made it a point of duty not to cross her part the next week. I mean I had a black eye, some swellings on my face, and I figured if I still wanted my teeth complete, I should avoid her. We were all in class that…