Ashake’s Diary 9 – Happy Ending?

Ashake's diary

Hello Diary, (Kinda weird that I’ve never felt the need to say hi to you)

So today was awkward, and something unexpected happened (sad face). I am not one to believe in miracles because if miracles were real Toks would have vanished from earth 6 years ago when she decided to cut off some of my hair because her doll needed hair nappy hair extensions.

Anyway, we had a test today in class, which I aced (adjusts nerd glasses) and Ify wasn’t present for the test, weird! My mind was probably playing tricks on me because I could swear that I saw Ify this morning. I kept thinking to myself that Ify surely is smarter than this, she knows how much trouble she could get into for skipping class. Then it occurred to me that this could probably be the universe telling me to find her and snitch my discovery to the principal, interesting!

During my search, I bumped into Simi on my way to the bathroom and I literally almost jumped out of my skin, Simi might have forgiven me but she hadn’t forgotten so I always tried to keep myself out of her way. However, instead of the utter disgust, Simi would usually bless me with, she simply pushed past me.

I got to the bathroom and it was deathly quiet, so I figured I could freshen up right before I continued my search.  I’m a typical scaredy cat, but this was my school so I figured I was safe. As I bent to splash some water on my face I heard a tiny squeak, I felt a presence behind me.  I turned in fear, at that moment I was ready to scream my lungs out, then I saw that it was Ify standing behind me looking like a soaked sponge.

It was obvious that she had been crying, about what? I couldn’t believe it. I had to be the worst person to find her like this, I tried to be happy but that emotion was on vacation. “What’s wrong ?” Ify didn’t say anything she just kept crying and at some point, I had to hug her, it was so uncomfortable, why me? Instead of putting her in this situation, here I was comforting her, shame on me!

Apparently, Ify just lost her mum and had to go live with her dad, she had asked Simi earlier if she could move in with her, but Simi declined, on the grounds that her parents wouldn’t allow it. To be honest, I didn’t care much for Ify, I was upset with myself for being the unfortunate person that happened to be in this unfortunate bathroom during this unfortunate crisis.

Anyway, I tried to calm her down and get her to the school counselor’s office for some advise, and maybe help, I wasn’t even going to suggest she move in with me. We got to the counselor’s office and I left Ify there and went back to class. A few hours later school closed and I put the incident behind me and also tried not to mention it to anyone. I didn’t want anyone talking me into showing compassion (which I have always considered a disease by the way).

I got home after hanging at my friend’s place for a few hours and saw bags in the hallway, I knew my Aunt Bola was coming over, but the boxes looked too girly for my sophisticated aunt. My questions were answered in seconds when I saw Ify in the living room with my mum and Toks (I can’t even call her my sister, so evil).

Apparently, Toks told my mum Ify’s story and my mum decided against her better judgement to do something about it. Since Ify’s dad didn’t want her, by default I had a new and improved Toks living in my house. Ify then looked up at me and smiled, and I could swear I saw fangs instead of teeth.

Ify mentioned that my mum’s kindness and support was a miracle, and a plan ordained by God, I don’t quite agree. It might be a miracle for her, but I’m sure it’s a nightmare for me. I said nothing and climbed up the stairs weakly, my life was about to turn upside down. Funny how I was the only one who could see it coming, sadly, the strength to control the outcome evaded me. Why me!

Ashake’s Diary 8 – Girl Like Toks

Ashake's diary

I woke up with a smile on my face, today was definitely going to be a good day. I showered and hopped into the car, I kept humming as my mum drove Toks and me to school. In all honesty, I had no reason to be in a good mood, I was notorious in school, even though it wasn’t deliberate, it wasn’t the best either. Everyone hated me, even my own sister Toks.

I was older but Toks was bigger, prettier, smarter and more vicious. She was loved by everyone in school and quite frankly I resented that. Toks was friends with most of the seniors in school so she was always invited to their exclusive parties, I always wanted to attend one, but no one wanted me there. “Like I care!” Sadly I do care.

Sigh! I strolled into class, took my seat and could immediately feel Ify staring at me with so much venom. Yes! I ruined her little love story, but really, what did she expect after beating me up? I tried as much as possible to ignore her as I brought my books out. Miss Are was her usual boring self, I kept staring at her and wondering what motivated her career choice.

I walked into the cafeteria during our lunch break and saw Ify and Toks chatting away. What are the odds? My annoying sister and nemesis becoming best friends, but why me? To be very honest, I wasn’t very surprised, right from her birth, a year and a half after mine, making me miserable was how she relaxed. Little did I know that everything she had done to me in the past wasn’t compared to what she was about to do to me today.

We had our Physical Education class (Sports) after our lunch break, and it was mandatory for everyone to change into their sports wear. I hurriedly changed and rushed to join everyone on the field.

I noticed everyone was looking at me funny including Mr Diji our sports teacher, but I assumed it was as a result of my notoriety. Little did I know that Toks (on Ify’s orders) loosened the seams at the back of my shorts, weird how I didn’t notice it when I wore it. Usually, when we have P.E everyone rushes to sit at the back, so if you’re late “HELLO FRONT ROW.” So as I sat down everyone, I mean everyone saw all my delicates.

Physically I looked younger and smaller than my age, my skinny arms didn’t help my case as well. So to get my school uniform to fit I would normally wear shorts and some extra clothes underneath. Toks knew this obviously and felt that Ify should know.

Toyo, an annoying boy in my class said “denim bum’’ out loud and everyone burst into laughter including me (why didn’t I shut up). When everyone saw me laughing, they even laughed louder. I could swear I saw Mr Diji chuckle, Simi then said: “Ashake you do know they are laughing at you, go to the bathroom and look at your shorts.” A shiver went down my spine, If I was white, I am sure I would be red. Toyo then went as far as taking pictures and sending it to people in school, I swear, in minutes people were walking by the field to see the “denim bum” girl with their own eyes.

I don’t remember my trip to the bathroom, but I remember everyone laughing and pointing at me, calling me “denim bum” and some other mean classmates saying they are sure I store my bad attitude in the pockets.

I sat in the bathroom and cried in frustration, why me! Ify came into the bathroom under the guise that she wanted to help me out, then proceeded to tell me how and why she did it. Staring at her at that moment I wanted so bad to hurl some vile words at her, but fear held me back, knowing Ify, this was just the beginning and with Toks by her side, I was finished.

I reported Toks to my mum when we got home, but mom would hear none of it, apparently what I was saying sounded like something I would do, not her perfect Toks! I went to bed upset, and I kept thinking and plotting. If I was going to win this battle, I had to think like Toks.




by Yejide Erogbogbo